Forever Winter

Song Lyrics

Wild horses surround me as I enter your arms

  You grabbed me and held me safe from the storm

I wept in your shield where there was no harm

  You mended my heart, only now it is torn

I want you so badly

  I think of you dear

But I cannot have you

  I don’t want that fear

You gave me something

  Something so brand new

But I can not have you

  If you only knew

I miss your lips, brushing touching my ear

  Telling me sweet things I wanted to hear

You mean something, something so dear

  I had to let go, shed too many tears

I’ll never have that feeling again

  That closeness I had when I was with you

I know I can say my love is true

  Always, when I’m with you…

Cold wet palms brushing my cheek

  I never thought that I could get weak

I thought I was strong, even though you were there

  I’ll always care

I miss you so much, I feel so weak

  When you draw near me, I can’t speak

I’ll never let go, the memories too deep

  Whenever you’re near me, I give you my soul

I need your love, but I had to let go

  I’ll save you a corner, deep in my heart

For you were my true love right from the start

  I’ll never let go of these memories so dear

Without you it’s forever winter


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Melvin Lee's picture

Definitely a heartwrenching piece of work, Jen Your words flow from a heart that is fallen and forlorn....and the sincerity and truth there is just so bare and plain to see/ thanxs for sharing these intimate thoughts... take care..smilesz.

hawksquaw99's picture

haunting and mesmerizing