Think a thought of me today, please do

As I sit and wait, wondering too

Looking out my window, rain pouring outside

Within these walls I can no longer hide

Tell me how it is I find myself here

Thinking of how I want you to be near

Tugging at my heart, with feelings so true

How is it my mind is completely full of you?

Some time you say is all you need, to think

Saying you are confused making my heart sink

With strength in my voice I say it's ok

You have all the time in the world today

As days go by I realize maybe I was wrong

I keep waiting but it's taking so long

Then I start to wonder am I being naive

Or should I keep waiting, should I believe

A lifetime of hurt and pain I have endured

I can certainly sustain myself a little more

Even so I think the answer I'm waiting for

Will never again come knocking on my door.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Eric...

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this is very nicely crafted although a very painful message. Heartfelt....sincere....sad. Im sorry for the pain.....the poem however is very nice! Michelle

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I can remember times I had like these....... waiting for that knock that never came... or the call that we knew did not make it for the phones line must have been down..... your way with the words is amazing