Half Moon

Under the half moon, I wait for my love to return, so we are safe and warm.

I sit dutifully, comforted beneath a world full of stars.  I keep my fingers crossed for my to see our stars too.

Under the half moon, I breathe for my love, so across space and time, we are standing side by side.

As a soft breeze blows, brushing against my arm, it is my love's embrace I'm reminded of.

I yearn to gaze in the eyes of my love.  I pray, from my soul, my love do adore. I wish, wherever my love may be, there's a string pulling a heart closer to me.

My love will bring jo.  I will give peace.  Each will be everlasting.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, under the half moon, I grow patience for my love to arrive carrying the moon's other side.

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i loved this poem :*)