True Love

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A yearning, a desire so strong you cannot deny it. Someone you cannot get out of your mind at any waking minute, nor rarely out of your subconscious form in the grasp of sleep. Is this the meaning of true love? Loving someone so much that you know you would give anything to know they felt the same way about you? Knowing, that in the course of events you would die for that person. Yet, is it not something so sweet and pure, that it is to be relished beyond all other?

Is true love the innocent yearning for whom you know intimately, know so much about, and love, despite their faults? Is true love, loving someone so much you know you cannot tell them, so you do not break the fragile friendship that you have? Is true love being able to say that that person is the only one you could envision spending the rest of your life with, on earth and in heaven?

True love, the meaning of these words not many comprehend. It is the highest price to pay, to know that that one person means the world to you, and could be taken away in an instant, on a whim. That any other person in the world could come up and snatch them from your grasp, and you are powerless to help them as your world comes crashing down around your head?

Marital bliss is what we seek with that one person, our one true love. Some of us are lucky enough to find it. Others are not so fortunate. And what of those people, them who believe that they have found their one true love, only to be betrayed? What of those who love so fully, yet know they can never have, for their fear of losing them, fear of being rejected?

Can true love be shattered like a fragile crystal ball? Or does it run deeper than that, into the very blood of our life, so that when we’re with them, the rest of the world just seems to fade away, until it is just the two of you together. Is true love, loving someone so much, that when you cannot be with them, the only image in your minds eye all day and night, is that of them?

Or… can true love be achieved, by liking someone. Can you learn to love them so fully that they become the world to you, that their health and happiness is all that matters to you? Is true love wanting to help someone in any way possible, to make them happy in any way possible, regardless of the consequences to yourself?

True love is the real gift of life, as when you experience it, your life becomes more full, more vivid. Love, true love, is knowing that you care more for them in every aspect, than you ever could for yourself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just my outlook on True Love, I suppose. Written one day for the heck of seeing what I really thought... you never know until you let it flow and write it down.

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