It is hard to belive life has meaning
when your living in misbeliving
when you live in pain
each and every day
living just becomes
another boring day
when you dont want to show your face
and always wonder what people say
what they think
cant help but wonder whats the point
the point of being here
when you can barley breath
barley stand
barley think
when your not your own person
your controlled by every one around you
not able to be who you are
not able to belive what you are
people say life has a meaning
but what is it
when you live like this every day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont actually feel like life has no meaning but i do go through simmualr things like being controlled by people

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I like this one! It's very

I like this one! It's very good! I know what you mean by feeling as if you are being controlled by other people. That's really no fun! Good job on the poem!!


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I really like this one. i can

I really like this one. i can relate to it so much! its so true how life just becomes another boring day. but its when they are not so boring that makes us want to keep on keepin on. stay strong. =P

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thank you :) i think a lot of

thank you :) i think a lot of people who live through bullying stuff can relate too this its kinda what its about except it was an ex boyfriend who tried to control me and say things and spread rumors about me and stuff