My Heroin

Your taking over

Flooding my mind

Pleasure sets in

The feeling divine

Loss of control

Under you spell

Will I come down from this high,

Or can only time tell?

Love the way you make me feel

Is it all in my mind

Or is this for real

Riddle me this

Cuz I must know

What would happen

If I let you go?

Then you left me

All Alone.

How could you do this to me?

I don’t understand

And probably never will.

I just want the answers

That you refuse to provide

Heartbroken and alone

I feel empty inside

Then I swore

To never love again.

Detoxing now

Shaking and Cold

“Your Addicted” so I was told

One dose of you

And I meant my end...

Just like a over-dose of Heroin.

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Jason Daffron's picture

hey! i like this. your words flow good and it reads well. good job! ~Jason