Nocturnes: Saturday, June 14, 1975, At The Acceptance Test

[for Lady Siderial]


They stumbled through their knowledge like a drunken lout.
They gathered some few facts, then raised sweeping conclusions:
just as they did when they constructed Babel's tower,
proud of their brave abilities' constructive power---
quite unaware their age was fleeting as an hour.
And their achievements?---just a handful of beach sand,
dropped from the final fist clenched by a dying hand.
Only in some obscure, old poet's poetry,
they heard two truths---dark matter and cold entropy,
and felt scant pity for that fool, in a collectlve laugh
at his work as the junk of mere senile confusions.
The metaphors that threatened, in his clever lines,
fell short of the bravado of their own designs---
from radical equations on a pretty graph.
In seven minutes, sharp, the grandest of intrusions
will burst the high walls of their smugly shrill exclusions---
as they behold the faithful sun snuff itself out.



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Has so many allusions associated with the concept of building to big and too high. - slc



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Thank you. I had not noticed

Thank you. I had not noticed that. Thanks very much for pointing that out.