More Than Just a Kiss

My Kisses

More than just a warm hello

A kiss tells all, it gives a glow

Upon the cheeks, you feel it soft

I'm always here, you're not alone.

More than just the feel of friction

The precipice of our hearts' ignition

A moment wherein we feel the union

Tasting breaths with love's abandon.

More than just this feeling of bliss

More than just close, but closer still

More than just a meeting of lips

It was my soul you kissed.

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well done a great love and lovely poem for peace..this is a very good poem and like it much...your poetry is rich and inspiring too..hope you add more poems to enjoy... and wish if you go through my poems too... I am basically a peace dreamer and peacew wisher poet with 6 books and believe in love for all and peaceful world... let me share with you one of my owns says regarding peaceful life...(( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...afzal shauq )) hope we save the ailing world with our love poems... for ensuring the peace

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love this one, its sweet and i loved the last lines "More than just a meeting of lips, It was my soul you kissed." nice poem.