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...and so it began.

I have judged myself too quickly

Thinking 'I shall not find love'

I've given up.

Days, months, years

Flew by in seconds

Seasons changing, hot and cold.

And still I am alone

A fallen angel

With clipped wings.

Then there it was

The light

So warm, and clear.

So inviting

I walked to it

And from the darkness

I have sinned

For I cannot

Wander off.

There is only sorrow

There is only pain

There cannot be light.

But the light shined brighter

Pulling stronger

It took me in.

Welcommed me

Into its heart

And loved me.

It healed my wounds

And helped me


And from that moment

I knew there was more

In life to live for.

I knew there was

Still joy

And laughter.

And that

in darkness

There is light.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by Jonathan's new poem "Manifesting Luminosity"

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