Memories linger on... but that doesn't mean that I have to keep dwelling in the past...

I wonder how long I shall stay this way

I wanna run, I wanna play..

But the pain just wants to stay...

Past is past,

That I know...

But why in my thoughts they still show?

I want to hide

I wanna be alive

Desperately wishing deep down for you to be by my side..


What for?

To make my life solemn?

Sadness, pain


Like rain...

Shivering cold

I'm here..

All alone..


Not knowing what I want

Sometimes thinking I was used..

Though I know

That somehow..

There was truth in your vow...

Thoughts in my head

Circling in my mind

Wishing I was dead...

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Clarity Jones's picture

I really like your poetry. You are very talented.