The Heart

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Life is full of mysteries- and the deep whispers of your heart are the most mysterious of all... The human heart does not literally have the capability to speak, though if you listen carefully, you could feel its urges and needs, its desires, emotions, feelings... The soft soundless screams and pleadings of it to break free from the firery walls of eternal depression.

The heart is capable to feel thrilled and be in pain and despair all at the same time, confused, mixed up, though so clearly understood... The heart cannot express itself through words and words alone... but it can express itself through it's simple wantings of actions and doings.

The heart is so uncertain but it definitely knows what it wants, it can feel love, loss, be in tears, jump with joy... it's as if it has a mind of its own... dragging your whole self with it, be it wrong or right...

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