A Gentle Whisper

Writer's Choice

I am alone...

No one's here to guide me

I am lost

I want to be free

I want to be cradled...

Cradled in your arms so badly

To hold you, to hug you

To put my arms around you...

I want to cry

And hope... or die

I want to soar... or crash...

And fly

I want to escape

To be free from this fate

I want to smile

And feel so great

I want to scream

I want to cry

I want to break down

Though I don't know why...

I want to weep

Till my eyes are sore

I want to sleep

And slumber some more...

I want to freeze

In time and space

I want to run

And pick up the pace...

I want to laugh

I want to play

Instead of me always

Ruining my day...

Screaming now...

Here deep inside

Are the gentle whispers

Of my heart's deepest desires...

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gald u
wrote this

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This is an intelligent poem, emotional too.

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wow awesome poem.