Shall I say I love you?

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Shall  I Say I Love You?

Yesterday I said 'I love you'

Today I think I don't

Tomorrow I'll love you more and more

Then the next day I might won't...

What if I say 'I love you?'

What if I say 'I don't?'

What if I don't know what to do?

Can we just then vote?

How can I say 'I love you'

When the next day all is lost...

How can I revive the feelings,

If my life I don't devote?

What if I want to love you?

But what if loving you is so hard to do?

What if I say it clearly?

Will you even have a clue?

What if my heart shouts it out?

What if my mind says that it's fine?

What if one day I lose you?

What if one day you'll be mine?

Why is my heart so uncertain?

Deep thoughts it does contain...

Though why can I never make up my mind?

And just go and close the curtain?

So shall I say 'I love you?'

If maybe tomorrow it won't be true?

Shall I say 'I don't care?'

If today I'm all about you?

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one of the first poems I've written for this guy named Umair

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.