Sometimes the world can be so bad...

Sometimes you'll cry, and be so sad

Sometimes you'll smile

Sometimes you can't

Sometimes you'll feel messed up

And you'll need a helping hand

Sometimes I wonder why I'm here

Why do I fret?

And what do I fear?

Sometimes I'm so happy but mostly I'm not,

Sometimes... sometimes, pain feels bad enough

I need something,

I need you to be near

I want something,

I want you to be here

Sometimes I think that life is so fun

Sometimes I flee when problems come

Sometimes I'm weak

And sometimes I'm strong

But sometimes,

Sometimes... I just want to belong...

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Mindi Short's picture

wow! you have real talent. i really enjoy your work. thank you for your kind comment, i really appreciate it. you are an excelent writer.

Janie Lynn's picture

Don't we wish we all belong and then I think I will never ever get there!!!