After the Storm Has Come... A Rainbow Shall Appear

I once was trapped in a gloomy place

The skies were a mess

And it rained all day...

I can't run about

Or play and play

I'm just trapped in that place

And I'm forced to stay...

For days I hoped for someone to come,

To take me home and have some fun,

someone to take the pain away,

And make me smile and laugh all day...

At last all my pain was soon forgotten

He came and threw the things that made my day rotten...

He held my hand and asked me to play

I started to cry but he wiped my tears away...

He dragged me along and showed me the sun

Being with him was so much fun

He told me that after a storm has come,

A rainbow shall appear and my pain will be gone...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write whenever I'm lonely... It's funny but that's how I am... I dedicate this to my Kuya E who taught me that even though problems come, life can still be so much fun. Thank you Kuya! I hope you liked it!

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