Fairy Lights

Writer's Choice

Soft as the wind

As cool as the sea

Your voice so pure

It enlightens me

I feel your warmth

Your smile and touch

I feel your embrace

But it isn't enough

I need you near

I want you here

This moon, this sky

While days fly by...

Please grant my wish,

oh fairy lights...

Dance in the breeze

Shine your light on me

Dazzle and shimmer

Shed your magic glitter

Fly about

Oh mystical light

Be by my side

On this silent stary night

Your hair that flows like the stream

Your eyes that twinkle as the light beams

Your smile that melts me

And drags me deeper...

Light-hearted emotions...

Swimming in my head

Fascinated by your brilliance

By your grace and radiance

Drifting slowly...

You take me wholly

My body...

My soul...

Hypnotized by your presence

Amazed by your senses

Passion combining...

Turning to one...

Oh fairy lights

Oh fairy lights

Dazzle about

Shine and shout

Your soft tender touch wrapping around me

Your glowing light that glitters about me

Captivated... entirely captivated

Fairy lights... fairy lights...

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poetvg's picture

i love this poem

Mr. Gui's picture

Jackie, Mr. Gui here. Just a few quick comments:

* I love the title; I've always been fascinated by mythical and legendary topics; however, I did not feel that the theme in your poem justifies the title--I wanted to hear more about the fairy lights and what they could do for you, what you wanted them to do for you, what were they, did they have a form?

* I don't get a strong image of the person / thing that you want to be with..... use concrete images, metaphors, similes, personification, and such to bring this individual to life

* "You're" should be spelled "Your"--it's an abbreviation, not a posessive

* Try writing the poem without rhyming.. you may find more of your feelings flowing through when you do it that way

* Beautiful start to the poem!! Kepp working on it!