someone stop me


if at all there was a time to die

i wish it could be soon

so id feel like this no longer

or stare in longing at the moon

to become something i can never be

is all i want in this place

to be like selene, smart and strong

and to have a perfect race

to wake and hunt

to live and fight

to protect those i have to

and to only leave at night

to an early grave

is where i want to be

but nobodys listening

or there to try and stop me

so as i lay in bed

i pray for God to take my soul

and save me from this life

cause im lost scared and cold

this lack of everything

this abundance of hate

only pulls me closer

to the trigger my true fate

when im gone no one will care

"oh well hes gone smoke anouther 'J'"

fuck this world please save me know

cause i might not be here the next day

but thats not why i wanna die

a part but not the whole reason

i'm tired of beind hurt and cast away

im sick of all this treason

stop me from desicrating my soul

show me you love me .... please

i need a loving person to

take the gun and get me off my knees

so find me while you can

cause my fingers only getting closer now

but if you do, think to yourself

have you a reason how

if you promise to love me true

then i'll put the gun away

and ill do what i can to thank you

for giving me a reason to stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for the world who constantly ignores me and casts me away you tell me that you love me so... you tell me that you care but you never help me when i need you most so you can go fuck yourselves....... p.s. death is only the begining

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