placement truths

in my world i fought alone

the demons came and i held my own

but they kept coming and i fell back

back to the aid of my guardian angel Zack

we fought together and when we were almost out of luck

to our aid (from no-where) came Chris Deutchuck

he drew his guns and aided our swords

with ease we annihilated the oncoming hoards

then all of a sudden, more came from the pit

we looked at each other and said "Holy S***)

we fled to a place that resembled Helms Deep

by now the sun had set, and darkness started to creep

"like men we will face this murderouse, decieving pack

pressed to the wall, dieing, but fighting back

then we were joined by Ryan Lisk

who happened to be a Pugilist

i gave him my sword, and i his daggers

the four of us standing together, as brothers

we fought till the end was near

the end of their army was in the clear

then out of the pit their terrible leader shown

and then he unleashed, a terror unknown

we all kinda quiverred and when all seemed bleak

four glorious weapons were placed at our feet

we equiped ourselves accordingly

and this is what was seen

Deutchuck with his lighning guns

and Lisk with his daggers of Ice

Zack with his flaming sword and all without a price

there was a surge of power, past logical. like the calm before- the storm

they all wondered where I was, then they saw a shadowed-form

i stepped up in front of them, and removed my cloak and -bleaker

with happiness my ivory, enchanted, reaper

we all exclaimed our battle cries and dashed out into war

we fought all the way to the makeshift "Plutonian Shore"

we fell into a Controlled battle, with the largest of foes

and it lasted forever, well as long as battles go

but in the end he was defeated and we went our seperate ways

and we lived with honor, till the end of our days


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i play WAY to many final fantasy games

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beautiful & thank u for keeping usa the greatest place on earth live