Other Side

your life isn't some jacket

that used to fit so well

when you live like that

your mind becomes your hell

and no angel

on your shoulder

can save you from its depth

and the demons

in your stomach

keep tying knots

to catch your neck


just stop.


there's no personal record

for you to wreck

your health is fading

eyes are closing

your heart's become a mess

and jesus

can't save you

(and neither can meth)

the only thing at the end

is a slow, personal death

you don't greet it like a friend

you fight it like a fiend

you wrote the story of your life

but it's got no theme

no meaning

(it's a bad portrayal

of yourself)

you couldn't see 'you'


you were way to busy


with the suffering

and agony

you brought upon yourself

you gathered it up and saved it

built an altar and you praised it

A religion built from grief

that you mostly fabricated


just stop.


you can't keep fighting wars

in a mind

that's been plagued with 'em

you can't keep breaking hearts

with a heart

that's not made for it

you think the story you write

is so great

but you got played for it

the truth is in your eyes:

you're dying for the game of it


it's just another lie 

that you wanna stay alive

you don't care

about yourself

whether you live or die

and that's hateful

god, it's just painful

to watch you beat yourself up

to call people to save you from it

from yourself


just stop!


you don't see the people

soldiering up to fight your war

you don't see clearly

how dearly they're paying for

all the mistakes you keep

agonizing over

it's shameful!

you're selfish and prone to drama

it's disdainful!

and the one's who love you

are willing to die

just to give you another day

where you can figure it out and try

just so you can make it out alive

smiling bright on the other side, like,

"I made it!"

you ingrate, that shit was paved for you

every loss of blood was a brick they laid for you

to build

a path across the void

(the one you cling to in your mind)


just stop


and you'll come out on the other side.


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that was a great read. struck some cords within myself. thanks

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thank you, i was at a real low point when wrote this, so i'm glad it you felt connected to something in it. it's validating.

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A Poem About Death




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thank you very much

i'm glad you read it through