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WHY I LOVE YOU?     by Isida Dervishhasani

Why do I bother to remember you?

Why God made me to go to that damn store to see, those beautiful eyes?

Your beautiful eyes, took my heart away from me.

They got no intension to give it back.

My heart is your hostage.

Your sweet kisses are the kidnappers.
They took away my point of view about love.

Love should not hurt in the way it is hurting.


Why God, made me to fall in love with you?

Why he can not see, that the pain is taking over my life?

Where I’m going to, hear the voice that I adore?

You better come to me, because my patience is ending.




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    Love and infatuation;



Love and infatuation; aren't they wonderful. Your poem is an enjoyable read and well written how endearingly you are smitten. Good luck, maybe a relationship will come about.