Stronger than you

I hold you hand, you break free.
I don't understand, don't you want me?
I'm your baby, your little girl.
Daddy, shouldn't I be your entire world?
Who is that woman, daddy I don't understand.
Why would you rather hold her hand.
She looks at you and and then looks at me,
Could she be the one you want and not me?

How could you daddy, it's just not right!
I was supposed to be your little girl, your shining light!
Now you want her and have forgotten about me,
Two can play the same game, you just wait and see.

You ran off with that other woman, leaving mommy alone.
How could you, how could you be so cold!
She cries every night wishing you'll come home.
But I know the truth, your with her now and left us on our own.

How many years has it been that faithful day?
I know not, but I don't care either way...
I live with you and her now, but I hate it here.
She hates me and she uses my fear.

That witch, oh that witch! How I wish you could see,
The horrible ways that she's treating me.
She says she loves me, but that's a lie!
I think she would rather see me die.

She cares about her kids, which I see no problem in
But she taught her kids to hate me, but I won't give in.
This is my best chance for an education that's worth my while,
I can take pain, I think I'll stay for a while.

You don't scare me any more witch, that much is true.
You hurt me in anyway, I'll call child abuse on you.
I know my powers now, I'm not afraid to use them.
Just wait and see, until then

I'll bide my time and wait until you make your move.
I won't back down, I'm stronger than all of you!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this poem when I was really little, I found it again and revised it. Let me know what you think.

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Morningglory's picture

Sounds like...

Sounds to me like we have similar background story. This poem practically told my story.

Copyright © morningglory

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It's very hard, I'm glad I

It's very hard, I'm glad I found someone who has a similar background. Thanks for the comment