"Are we alone in the cradle of the Universe,

Inhabiting the green planet called Earth?"

The most of people believe this theory is true

I dare express another point of view

There was no time, no light, no day, no night at the outset of creation

But there has been something invisible looking for manifestation

The emptiness reigned far and wide demanding to be filled

Till from a subtle energy the life was built ...

The gas and dust became the primary formations

Having turned afterwards into solid planets and constellations

The time has come to breathe life into the silence of existence

The settlement of our planet has begun

As a source of Life was chosen the sun

The Earth passed through the spirals of evolution from microbes, dinosaurs to apes

Taking epoch by epoch more and more civilized shapes

The crown of creation the human became

With his appearance the era of space explorations came

The inquisitive human mind directed his eyes to the sky

Having started like birds bold attempts to fly:

Going into orbit, landing on the Moon, missions to the Mars

Extend our knowledge about the neighboring planets and stars

The spaceships furrow outer space

To find the traces of extraterrestrial race

Years go by, the quest still goes on

All mankind hopes to hear the long-awaited words "We’re not alone"

Maybe the truth will be revealed one day

Meanwhile, the universe remains the greatest mystery until today

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"Are we alone in the cradle of the Universe,
Inhabiting the green planet called Earth?"
your above question has got a great answer in the poem in a very sweet and logical way which makes me inspiring and let me say irene dear.. you have much sweet ideas, feelings and rich thoughts in healthy brain... liked it and appreciate your way of writing... best of luck