Lying on my bed 
Looking at the roof 
Thinking if it was worth it
Thinking if it will ever be worth to try again
But this is not the end
It’s just the start
Life is way too long
It is just too soon to give away like ds
A ray of hope is all I need
A ray of hope is all I want to start over again...
Standing at the cliff and looking down
When it’s time to decide
What brings u back is a hope
What gives a dying person strength to live is a hope
Not to live too long
But a hope to spread happiness as long as he lives...
Hope is what he needs
Hope is what everyone needs...
What really kills a person is not the end of something but the end of hope..
It is this hope that someone kills for
It is this hope that someone goes for
It is this hope that someone loves for
And someone lives because of this hope...
Lying in our mother's arms
Looking in her eyes
Knowing nothing about anything
But still giving her hope to live
Hope to live away from her family
Hope to live away from her loved ones...
No matter how many times I will fall
I’ll never give upon what I want
This failure is just a part of the success
And not the end of the failure
A ray of hope is what makes us go for it
It is what makes us fight for it
It is this hope that makes us win it...
What makes a person live is just this hope…
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Hope is all we need..

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Hope & A Job


Without hope


life tries to end


and silence reigns


across the brain


and feelings.




With a bit of hope


there is a tunnel deep


and long and wide


with a glimmering


haloed in the distance.



With a heart overflowing


with hope, the world


will try to make all things


dark and bleek, but


overflowing is the operative


word and hope metaphorically


tends to float.