Help me, Save me from these scars

When I was a small girl

Everyone told me there is a god

Watching me, taking care of me

There were people around, but I was never afraid of them

We share the same god..

Years later when I finally believed them

The world around me started changing

Everyone told me to take care of myself

For we still share the same god, but the world around was not so good

Help me, save me from this world..


While I was still a small girl, They took me

Not aware of what will happen with me, I kept waiting in that dark room

I finally saw the light, but my body was not ready to fight

When I was screaming, They were laughing

When I was crying, They were still laughing

And when I was dying, They were living

Help me, save me from these scars..


My parents gave me a name

So I dreamt of getting some fame

They gave me a new name

Everything I had, They took away from me

Everyone I had, I don’t remember them anymore

For people around, we don’t share the same god anymore

Now I just share the name with people like me..

Help me, save me from these names..


When I was in school learning to draw a red light

No one told me if our gods will change,

The meaning of these lights will also change

In day I am a beggar, in night I am still a beggar

Help me, save me from these lights..


Whenever I am free, thinking about my life

Consoling myself, gathering my remaining soul

In search of the very same god

They come and say, forget everything

They are my god now


Help me, save me from these gods..

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Freedom vs Control

Ultimately, you design your own red light, your own version of a God concept, and learn to dump the flotsom as irrelevant - growth happens that way. I liked this poem - thought provoking. "...we don't share the same god anymore..." is one notion for pondering a long time Cool ~Star~




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growth happens that way??

growth happens that way?? would u like to elaborate?