It's only going to hurt forever.

The stars tremble at the thought 

crossing themselves over and over again 

never to meet as one,

yet so close.

what if by some miracle my pen 

could magically write incantations

to erase these unatural taboos

And for a moment, melt into you.


But these are not our stars,

and this, no magical pen

and I, no world healer,

just a poet with a pen.

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I love a good process poem -

I love a good process poem - and this one is particularly fine in my aesthetic matrices . But I also love a good line and this one I nail to the inner most walls of my heart - "...what if by some miracle my pen could magically write incantations..." We need to hear more from you. busy person with a life (smile here) ~ be well and keep writing for us ~hugz - Lady A