In Writing

With sadness and a pen in hand
I write for my heart to mend
On paper I pour out my tears
And all my pent-up fears


For in these writen words
Can I continue moving onwards
Even while burdened with pain
These words keep me sane


In pain I write out my sorrow
Praying for a better tomorrow
In anger I write out my rage
Calming down after every page


In envy I write out my desire

Hoping I would get something better
In fear I write out my stress
Finding the strength to progress


In writing I find liss
Like nothing is amiss
In writing I find company
These words restrict my agony


In I writing I can find
A simple peace of mind
In writing I can be free
For in writing, I am me

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Writing As Therapy

Oh yeah. And proofreading it I always find things to change or update or rework for rhythm and pace. Yet, to sing is the point and everyone has a voice. - Lady A -




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I'm just going with a flow

I'm just going with a flow that I'm most comfortable at.

I'm nobody special... Just someone passing time...