Dead Inside

The feelings I try to convey
Are silent cries for aid
For my heart in disarray
To help fix what I have made


Yet no one hears my voice
No matter how loud I call
Left with no choice
I step closer to my fall


For who will hold me back?

And free me from this night
That's so lonely and black
And show me the light


For still the pain continues to grow
Creating a crevasse in my heart
Breaking it apart with every blow
Or was it broken from the start?


This great chasm within

Is what I try hard to hide
So the truth will never be seen
That I am so dead inside

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what an unequivocal critique!


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  "...Breaking it apart with


"...Breaking it apart with every blow

Or was it broken from the start?..."

That is one fine line of verse. Nice metaphor. 


Dear Diary:


I've decided to write a goodbye

plea in rhymes but I guess I am

not heard so what's the point?


Or is the reverse psycology?

Our youth are not getting past

the hormonal rushings very

well agsin seems.


Insufficent information is no cause

for thinking it dark. It is always dark

until somone strikes a match

and finds a candle.


hugz and xoxoxox

Lady A




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Thanks for the reply :) I did

Thanks for the reply :)

I did not write this for myself but for a friend when he was down

and blue...

I'm nobody special... Just someone passing time...