do you look out on the sea

and wish you were with me 

I'm not twigs and leaves 

I'm not shades of red and green 

I'm the cosmos silent song

you cannot gather me 

I'm not precious jewels 

a hand is not a home 

I'm your mothers love 

we're not set in stone 

I’m not rocks and shells   

I won’t sit on your shelf 

You can’t bottle a whole beach 

I'm sand in you hands

You cannot gather me

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49 Weeks Gone

My dream vacation! Be well. Stay masked! ~Lady A~

Lady A

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"The cosmos' silent song . .

"The cosmos' silent song . . ."  This is one of the most perfect and profound phrases I have ever encountered, and I have been reading poetry for almost forty-seven years.  This poem is beautiful, but that cosmic line is its centerpiece.


[* /+/ ^]

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Graceful and powerful

Graceful and powerful expression, perfectly said. Love this! Patricia

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"I am sand on your hand you

"I am sand on your hand you cannot gather me", very cool ending.