I am easily startled

Unsure if this charm has some ulterior motive

That grin surely isn't for me

I am a wallflower

A shadow's shadow

The moon in a muddled sky

I peek through the clouds, stealing a glance

fascinated by your slender fingers 

As they tug on a loose button

You catch my eye

"What's that you're reading?"

I truly have no idea

I've been pretending I was the moon

And this book a cloud

Good God

I said that aloud

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Very nice...I like peekaboo!

Very nice...I like peekaboo!


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Smile :)

Thank you very much! 

Let your teeth show

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Ambrosia Write

"...I've been pretending I was the moon..." surely is a dream write - Always a big fan for fine literature, I am ~Lady A~