So many beautiful people, brushing finger tips

If they were rooms they'd have white walls and practical furniture

Stony floors to match their sweet expressions

Peeling paint would reveal vinyl wallpaper 

that your Grandmother picked herself

It's the only thing that makes you feel close to her

You awkwardly brush by a pretty face

and you stumble for words

Your blouse looks like wallpaper

Mint green polka dots

remind me of 







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Mint Green Polka Dots

I will never look at them the same. Wallpaper comes in layers and these are generationally fine. Enjoyed much these finely sculpted images. The opening was an excellent intro: "...if they were rooms..." NICE! ~Star~



Incompl's picture

Haha, good. :)

Thank you for the kind words, shining star! 

Let your teeth show