my dark guardian angel

god finally got it right

he finally send me my angel

you're the angel i always dreamt of

the angel that gives me wings

i need you by my side

every time you're with me

and kiss me my heart beats faster

i know that since the first kiss i loved you

i know that you are what i always wanted

and i promise my love for you will never fade away

i will help you through everything

as i know you will too

i will make you smile

as you do to me

i will save you from everything

as you save me from myself

and i may not know what love is

all i know i have never felt this way before

i need your lips

your touch

your hugs

i want you

and i know this is falling in love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my dark guardian angel
hehe i love my lover!!
(not that way)

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metaphorist's picture

Very romantic. I loved it and can relate so much to it. Well done!