my life has always been full of regrets



and deaths

my life has always been in the edge

being anti-social was a real threat

you dont understand

because all i ever wanted was a friend

till this year i got you all

my lifes

my friends

my everythings

you all stand by me

never letting me down

i love you all

you are a little piece of my heart

i never tought i could have friends like you all

i never tought i could find you all

but this year it changed

i have my best friends

i meet people day my day

and my life is full of acceptance

i love you all

my loves

thank you for standing here

thank you for being my friends

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my friends thank you for existing

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Serra Averill's picture

I like this poem. It has a natural flow that you feel very comfortable passing your feelings through. Oh, before I forget, tought is spelled thought (that is unless I'm an ass and you did it consciously).
It was very easy to read and I liked the idea. I'm a big fan of acceptance. Very nice. Keep it up.