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California, United states

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Hello my name is Amanda, I am just some normal emo tomboy chick.. I am in a relationship with the greatest guy in earth. He is so sweet. :3 I will only love todd and todd only, so don’t judge me! >:c I am like a vampire just like marceline. x3 I’m a good actor, did acting since I was a little girl. I believe my singing is good, at times I feel like I’m not that great but everyone says I sing good. I am a artist too, just ask me to draw anything and I’ll draw it, but it better be mature. Also, a little word from me, “Don’t be afraid to hug trees, trees needs a little love, as they say, FREE HUGS”

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If you think you love my poems and you want talk to me more just add me on facebook or email me. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amanda.aguayo.771 and my Email: Fan4btr@gmail.com, thank you.

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I love to make up poems in my head as I think, almost like creating a song. I am a very well good artist, I can sing very well, I sort of have three jobs as a 15 year old, urm i'm good with little kids, and i'm learning ASL.


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