Letter to Satan

Get away from him, I will not allow what worthless words you have to whine into his ear hurt him. you’ve tortured me for what feels like eons. You whispered those wicked words from my withered spine to my thick sliced thighs before. You’re branding of brokenness may be betrothed to my body that betrayed me, but the blood of my beautiful savior seeped into my scarred skin and it covers completely and you have no power over me. So I scream it now, get away from him in the name of Jesus, I will proclaim and preach until my prayers are answered. I will draw the sword and peel off your skin, petrifying and paralyzing you more than Peter piercing the high priests ear. I will fasten your noose and hang you lower into the pit that you drowned him in and I will drown you in a deep fire that destroys completely. Where I leave you to perish you will be praying like the wicked do before God delivers justice that you’ll be spared, but the only thing that’ll be spared is him because my armor is on and I am protected. With my God as my shield and his word as my sword, he will be fighting by my side as a warrior of Christ, because my eye is clean and my heart is true. May my prayer for the enemy be answered, that God may finish my foe, and my friends finish this fight. So, in Jesus precious name, get the hell away from them Satan.

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Fallen Angel

Evil has already lost, battle concludeed - God won. - slc