On Hold

Hold on, my dearest friend that I take for granted 

I’ll be here for you when it’s convenient


Hold on, let me take care of this first, it is of my utmost importance.


I hear that you’re talking, but I have to focus on this last message.

I’m sorry, she’s having a rough night again and I have to be here for her


My friend, I know that you are strong, but your emotions are out of control, give me a break because I love you like the moon loves the sun, for the benifits of it’s light 


Look, I was being stupid and I’ll never take you for granted, I realized that I don’t like tearing my friendships apart. It hurt to much on my part so until you’re honest with me again, I’ll stay your friend and won’t let it happen again


Hold on, let me message her back

Hold on, where did you get that noose at

hold on, she needs me again, she’s depressed and may kill herself











    y. I

  h. D h.e      Kill

W                    Himself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is a bitter coffee

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allets's picture

Excellent Poem

What was the salad at the end? Love is like that, sacrifice, there. - slc



HunterShaddix's picture


I'll have to re-arrange it a bit, very sorry,

It was supposed to be "wait, why did he kill himself"