A Walk With a Friend

Just a thought!

A walk with a Friend

Today was a good day; I went walking with a friend.
The canyon walls, towering around us...
Arms of giants stretching up to the heavens
Grasping the passing clouds. Between them, a beam of light
Cutting a path in the earth for us to follow.
We walked, one behind the other, stepping on the light
As if it was a balance beam, All the while, sharing childhood
Memories and eventful things, going on in life.
My aphorism being, I was so focused not to step out of the
Footprints, I failed to see, just how far my friend was
Leaving me behind! Our conversation now fainting in the distance,
Words entwined, bouncing off the canyon walls, getting harder and harder to decipher whose they are...
Amidst the bright light and the dark shadows, I am anxious now,
Only to see a silhouette shrinking, as my friend rounds a bend
In the canyon. These faint impressions before me becoming
Connect the Dot lines, till alas, I see the footprints no longer...
Echoes left behind, only my own now. I am weary, and will visit tomorrow...Hoping to take another walk with my friend.

                           by Barry Anderson      


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The loss of a friend..Remembering!"