Flowers for Tina

Just a thought!

Flowers for Tina

I hear you crying so softly
Your voice echoing in my dreams,
I see thru this extruded shell
A wall of suppression, it seems.
The tainted breath by which you take
As you censor watchful eyes,
This dark silhouette you've chosen to embrace
Yes, we hear your fateful cries!
Cloaked and guarded from friend and foe
To stave off close intrusion,
Your soul your own, uncompromised
To perpetuate seclusion.
Only graced by a first name given
She refrained to divulge the last,
My memories keep me near to her
This, 'Fairy.. from the past!

                 by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Tis so sad when people crawl inside themself secluded from everyone."

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