For No Other Reason-- 3.22.2006

Just a thought!

For No Other Reason...

When You're layin there in bed about 10 or 11:00 in the morning and you're dreamin about                              Big Boob Sally or Long Jimmy Johnson,,, You might as well

Just get up ! ... Cause somebodys gotta mix the Quick or make the Coffee, and not to mention                             the Family dog Butch has been holding His own long enough !    He's startin to think the Classified Ad you left on the

Easy chair is lookin pretty good, right about now !

Then there's that Short stack you need to throw on that you were

thinkin about as soon as your head hit the pillow last nite.

Besides ..... you gotta go PEE anyway and,,,,

Somebodys gotta Flush !

                              by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all who can't find a reason to get up until friends..your friends..

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Paul Blakeford's picture

Man, I wish I could still sleep that late. Then again, maybe not, 'cause that would mean I ain't got a job.