The Cyclicality of an Unoriginal Life

The Wanderer

Scars marked with indelible pain

Tend to last and never wane

Even when you seem to heal

You fall again and start to kneel


In hopes to be saved from the valley of loss

But there are demons you can't easily toss

So you relive every nightmare in your mind

Because maybe there’s a solution you can find


But searching for solace in the past

Is something you know will never last


Secretly you know the irrationality of it all

But sometimes it is simpler to surrender to your fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ehh ^_^..... a bit of a rough draft... I wanted to do something on the raw side... a little caustic...  simple and a bit of a primitive concept/feeling of not being able to escape your past or being able to make peace... and in turn, not being able to heal or move forward...  I've been really interested in playing around with syllable patterns lately xP

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The emotion in this poem is

The emotion in this poem is very heavy and, for a lesser poet, would be unbearable.  But you manage it with a very deft use of a ballad form for it.


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praying for a better

praying for a better past.
dwelling. stagnance. good poem. can relate. heartbreak sucks. but it's necessary for growth.

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yerp... pain is the manuer in

yerp... pain is the manuer in which a flower can bloom xP.... thank you for commenting :)!

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Ah, yes, 'searching for

Ah, yes, 'searching for solace in the past.' I'm very sentimental and nostalgic for 'good gone days.' I get it. :)

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I actually wrote this due to

I actually wrote this due to the inspiration of someone I know who constantly finds themselves in these patterns in life.... they constantly trap themselves by being consumed by the past

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Correction: second

Correction: second "paragraph", first line.... Did you mean hopes? Or hope without the (s)? Loved the poem. :) I just hate looking back at my works later only to find typos... O.o so I thought I might save the trouble unless of course it was written that way on purpose. Great job on this wonderful little piece. :D and I like the new profile pic a lot. 

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oh ya... it's hopes.... thank

oh ya... it's hopes.... thank you ^_^ haha... god.. I hate typos... but I'm incapable of NOT making them x).... I'm glad you liked it... and thank you :P

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Your a really amazing writer, I might be 14 but I know this fact. I love to write poetry. Nice meeting you:3

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You've made my week :)

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Like It A Lot

"Scars marked with indelible pain..."  That is one bravo line!  ~Star~




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Just Reread

"...solace in the past...." does last - by virtue of visitation rights anytime. The past makes you who you are - but not to get lost in it is a rule otherwise you do not move forward and make plans - a sign of depression. Good write -A-




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Thank you, Lady A! :)

Thank you, Lady A! :)