Caged within

Oh as the breath comes in

it hits upon a blockage

of great discomfort


the stomach is full

and the mind is chattering

all the upsets are coming to surface


the breath comes back in

every so carefully

caressing the body and mind


feelings come up to the surface

feelings that would

otherwise be suppressed


discomfort in the midsection

arising out of thought

forehead tight in contemplation


what is the right thing to do?

how can this be handled fairly

One doesn't always know


we hold so much inside

obligations draw us to that

which we know in our hearts 

is not right for us


I do not know how to approach

this subject of expectation

expectations of me


allowing obligatory reaction

doing without the heart being on board

oh, what the ...


a big sneeze 

banish these feelings

expel the dis-ease


remove this constraint

set this mind free

set this body free


the uncaged bird flies

the caged bird dies

inside of its own being


imprisoned within a mind

so intent on holding spirit captive

it does not relent


it gives it's own power away

it does not fly 

even when the gate is left open

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 2011


Dug this up and thought, I was actually doing way better back then

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And an easy read - slc