Dull eyed

She didn't choose one

That made her happy


She chose one 

Who controlled everything


In that familiar way she knows

Only all too well


This way, her heart stays closed

she can't share her truth


And it's misery



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He was in love with her and

He was in love with her and she him

They had touched each others soul


She then kicked him to the curb

It was easier than letting the love flow


She wallows in her self appointed misery 

It grabs her by the neck and squeezes tight


With each passing breath nearing the end

She realized long ago there is no hope in sight


Misery is her true love





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Maybe she was in love with him for a minute but then one day he crossed a boundary that once crossed, broke, and couldn't be repaired. Or, maybe he was the right one but he didn't show love in the way she needed so she didn't think it true. Hmmm or... You are right and she just loved her misery too much. Lol.


Enjoyed your poetic response. Those are me favorite!

Copyright © morningglory

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Sad story but many times true.


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She Is Sad

Choices are limited and sometimes self-limiting. Too bad. I believe in open decisions that change things to make me happy. Not happy, expect a decision soon. - slc