We could show them we are a loving people

Wouldn't it be a miracle if all those troops

showed up at the border without guns

and welcomed these people to our lands

with available food, water and medical services..

Wouldn't it be a miracle if the people of America

opened their vacant homes to provide shelter for them?


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allets's picture

It Would

Now whre did I put that magic wand. :D



Morningglory's picture

fingers work

You can use your fingers for wands.

Let's make some miracles. Peace to all... 

Those who weren't peaceful shall be transmuted. 


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Stephen's picture

Wouldn't it be better

If we helped then in their own homeland in their own culture? I am all in on this concept.    ---    Stephen

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It would be better if there were peace and prosperity in their own country for sure. 

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