Oh, trinity


I don't know for sure

If this is a spiritual journey

Or a poetic one...


Most likely, it's both.

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One Nano Second At A Time

The older I grow

the more precious time

measurements mean;

there is justice in time

and the sacred ticking

of clocks and watches.


Walk close with a minute,

divide it into segments filled

with breathing. Take a step,

one, take one half step

and call it two. Take every

advantage. We are talking

about time.


I am not convinced that a nano

is a distance, or a syncopation,

which challenges a blink

of eyes and a temporal passage

so small there are thousands

in the time it takes to exhale.





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it`s probably both of them,we

it`s probably both of them,we hit a lot of cross roads in our journey

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For sure, I think I'm at one.

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iv`e hit so many i think i

iv`e hit so many i think i forgot who i am any more

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Right? Maybe we should stop


Maybe we should stop trying to figure out who we are and just be... 

Doesn't that sound kinda relaxing?

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i think it does,just

i think it does,just live,love and be happy

taking life one day at a time

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One moment at a time...

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