His ego is so boastful it degraded me


Have you ever known someone, whom you have a great deal of respect for, who has a side that you completely disrespect? I do. It's a challenging one to get through. On some level, spiritual level, we have no trust for this person. It is a feeling in the body, in the gut, and it makes me want to throw up. Yet, I see, virtually, all the good things this person does and is doing in the world. Thing is, each time we speak, I get this feeling inside of me. And it bugs me. So what should believe? 


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Go With Your Gut

I believe i people until they show their true colors -  no time for baggage - too many other people in the world. But that's me. - slc



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My gut is all mixed up.


Hey, does this poem show up centered? On my phone it is right justified and irony know why. 

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