I'm really sorry

for having written

into the position

of presidency

Mr. Orange head

Trump Dump.

No, I did not

Actually vote.

I merely wrote

a story as a joke.

But the powers 

That be got word

and made it all

Come to be.

For this 

As well as 

many other things

I'm sorry for having

Written these scenes.


Please, oh God,

forgive me.




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Bob Mueller

is writing another script. (ps Russians are great literary folk too) We are all guilty. Sanders split the vote and as left thinking as he is, that kind of dreaming would have been more humane than kids in cages. Good try, but it ain't you babe, not all by yourself it ain't. (I smirked at you taking responsibility - u go woman!  - ;D



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It's ALL my fault!

I wanted to write a comedy, dangit!

I guess this ones a little dark.

That's okay, I guess, I always kinda enjoyed dark comedies.

On some cosmic level all of this theater is totally hilarious. 

But down here, where the air is now toxic

from smoke from all kinds of god knows what

that is in the materials that have been burning.

This aint just tree smoke or cigarette smoke around here.

West coast is ON FIRE! 



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he forgives you

he forgives you

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Greatest president since Regan, Maybe since Lincoln. (Lincoln was a Republican by the way,)

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I do not want a president.

He's good for the corporation, I'm sure.

But I have chosen to stay out of corporate hell.

I submit to the Will of MY heart!

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and what might that be

and what might that be

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Well that depends on the moment. Most times, we are called to help others on one level or another.  I just have to keep choosing love. That's all I know. 

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a good calling

a good calling

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don`t claim any party any

don`t claim any party any more

just go with the flow,any thing would be better than nothing i guess