black cats are cool too


The number 13 is a favorite of mine. 

13 points in the dawing of lines.

I don't think it evil or devil's work.

It's a number that holds so much more worth.

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Oh yeah

My home is frequented by a black cat. It is an absolute thief...



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I need one of those to steal a bunch of mice

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You Said Black Cats

And I thought black dudes in the 50's. Ho hum. Mice catchers. Black cats, I avoid them actually. I come from superstitious grandparents. Ladders, don't split poles, I do walk on sidewalk cracks though. Thirteen Way of Lookin At A Blackbird - Wallace Stevens, a fav! Big time! - slc




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I know a few black cats from the fifties. One of em plays jazz. He is a cooool cat. 

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