Do I have to say, please, then?


I'm not certain what else to do.

Pretty certain that it won't cure his ill.

What I thought or saw that day,

Won't make his tumor go away. 

How do I stop a dark magic spell?

How can he heal if he doesn't want help?

What can we do in our helpless state?

What can we do to co-create...

His health?

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a horse to water


My grandmother used to talk about leading a horse to water. But sometimes that’s all you can do.

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Ain't that the truth. I can't even get this horse to be led to the water, nevermind drink it.

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sounds like denial

sounds like denial

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Early stages

He's still attached to what he thought the ailment was. 

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Everyone Ultimately Is Responsible

for their health - as soon as the watchers go away, they are back to habits that cause the illness to be exaserbated. The responsibility is theirs. Good poem, topical and a dilemma for many. - slc



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... it's a dilema alright

It's tough when they won't help themselves and won't really accept help either. But yet at the same time are crying for help. 

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