Tiny sharp thorns

Adorn the tip of each scale

We step lightly

With our calloused heels and toes

Yet our arches remain fair

and vulnerable

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Vulnerable Arches



I usually wear boots hiking or thick heeled shoes, but don't do a lot of walking under lots of conifers. Had one once and use to paint the pine cones for Christmas ornaments and bowls. That is the sum total of my experience with conifers; (beyond December tree in the house(s). :D




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I like barefoot in the summer. But dang these little things get me. Adore the trees as well as the cones. The doggies like them too. It's just that one little thorn...

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Like like like   Well done

Like like like


Well done

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Thanks, Milly! Nice to see ya back around. 

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Tiptoeing but not with words.

Tiptoeing but not with words. Great write 

Let your teeth show

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For sure

Appreciating your comment. :) 

(sometimes when I try tiptoeing they get me between the toes.)

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