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I don't know whether to thank poetry

or blame it for the reliving of past trauma

I think I might be more disturbed 

from having relived trauma in my head

Seeing it all from another perspect

I don't know if poetry healed me

in some of the ways I needed it to

I don't know if poetry betrayed me

when I put down the pen

to hide from my truth

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I Lie About Taumatic Memories

You know, like the time I got hit on the head hard by a falling sign: Well it was Dally-N-The Alley and not professional and I didn't want to sue one of my favorite venues - so instead I remember the great music acts and the cool earrings. Of course the blow probably shortened my life and baby daddy came to the funeral so all is emotinally neutral there - the biggie, parents are dead, another biggie - I'm pretty cool with old ttaumas and some outcomes that make me snicker (was snickerin' at a few of 'em this am actually.) The rest just are faded. Poetry to heal. Time works pretty good. I lie in poetry - disguise it so that when I read it I won't evoke nothin' ! (double negative purely intentional for emphasis). :D



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My own scribblings

My own scribblings almost all the time remind me that I should hit "Delete" but God knows why I don't 



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Thank you all!!

Yes, I too believe it is cathartic. And It's not really the poetry that makes me think backward. Visions from the past are triggered by many moments. I do so love poetry. It really is a nice outlet for expression the frustration of old shit making its way to surface...again. Love you all! Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments!

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it always brings a

it always brings a healing,you let it out in poetry

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in the long run it will

in the long run it will probably help. your power rests in your truth

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For me,

reliving past trauma in my head through writing poetry is a way of solving the past and thus it is cathartic.  Stephen