I just don't really know what it's gonna be, I guess it depends on what we believe.


I know that they had wanted to keep me on the west coast.

However, I think they actually wanted me out there, for travel.

But then again, I also remember them saying they wanted it to be me,

because I didn't have the history. Thing is, I've missed most everything,

as there was another story pre-written for me.


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No history?

Amnesia? Everybody has a history and a herstory. Celebrate it! It is glorious becuase you did it up big and very well. It may have been ten ways wrong and really bad for other folks, but hey, having survived you have stories to tell. :D - slc



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Amnesiatic ... it's hazy at times

There are most certainly stories to tell. Some of them don't make us feel very well. Others are fabulous and wonderous. I am a survivor. Trying to figure out how.. to heal myself from the spell.

We don't want things to be bad for other folks. :/ But I suppose that is out of our control. 


Celebrate the victory? Yes, we are alive. And life has given us some beautiful times. 

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